Who We Are

At FitWAR, you will find a unique system defined by a collaborative group of experts involved with the arts and sciences of rehabilitation and wellness.
My Associates and I have as our objective the transition of clients from injury to rehabilitation and, beyond that, a progression to strength, endurance and overall wellness.
Working with a physical therapist or medical expert, each client is given a comprehensive plan, starting with a health screening that focuses on preventative medicine, heart and blood pressure screenings, postural analysis and muscular skeletal continuity.
From that point, there is a series of closely monitored progressions to a state of functionality and, from there, continued improvement in that functionality.
Supported by state-of-the art equipment, training space and instructors who are certified, licensed and insured, FitWAR offers a comprehensive system for wellness.
Our high-level professional relationships with our clients completes the circle of a truly integrated, general health experience.
Christopher Litrenta